There are several proven and well-working methods of making money on the Internet. And one of them is affiliate marketing.

The concept of affiliate marketing first appeared in the mid-90s of the last century. An online flower shop founded by William J. Tobin called PC Flowers and Gifts launched its novel marketing approach in 1994. Pretty soon, the program was generating millions in sales per year. In 1996, William J. Tobin applied for a patent on affiliate marketing and tracking. He was granted the patent in 2000.

Soon, many companies appreciated this method and began to implement affiliate marketing everywhere. One of the best examples is Amazon.

What is Affiliate marketing, and how to make it handy?

In easy words, affiliate marketing provides an opportunity to receive a commission for hosting banners and links to another company's products. This is a revenue model in which an affiliate partner, which means you, selects interesting products for your audience and is rewarded for delivering a particular result to the advertiser. Such a result is usually considered a sale or a transition to the advertiser's page. Affiliate programs are often free to enter and require minimal technical knowledge.

Affiliate programs can be divided into varieties, depending on the advertising channel. Partners can:

  • Run banner, teaser, or search advertising;
  • Include special links on their blog or website;
  • Post a link on social media;
  • Mention the product on YouTube channel;
  • Publish the link in email newsletters.

There are also several models of payments to partners:

  • PPS - pay per sale;
  • CPA (cost per action) - a reward for a user performing a particular action (downloading a price list, filling out a feedback form, etc.);
  • CPC (cost per click) - a partner is paid for each click on a link posted on his website.

In case you have an audience and understand what products or services your followers will be interested in - affiliate marketing is a profitable way to monetize your blog or social media account.

Affiliate program opportunities with

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For each successful payment we receive from customers you referred, we will give you a 30% commission! So by only referring ten customers, you would already earn a minimum of $57 each month.

Top 8 Reasons to become an Affiliate Marketer with

  1. No product development costs;
  2. Low-cost set-up. Got a desk, Internet-connected computer? You're in business!
  3. No fees or geographic limits on distribution;
  4. No merchant account required;
  5. No shipping costs;
  6. No customer concerns;
  7. Make money while you sleep;
  8. High-income potential.

Data you are going to love:

  • Our Affiliates are earning money by sending good traffic to using banners and texts from our asset folder in the affiliate program;
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What are the tips & tricks?

1. Select the profitable affiliate program. Always choose a product that appeals to your niche. This way, you will have enough experience and influence in the segment to make an impact.

2. Believe in Building relationships with a company you would stand by as a customer will provide authenticity and integrity to your brand, building invaluable loyalty.

3. Communicate regularly with If you want to make sales, you need to keep up with the business owner. Continuing to have creatives deposited and offering discounts or other promotions tied to different holidays or the time of year will help you make money.

4. Be more than just a clickstream. Many players in affiliate marketing are just middlemen, getting in front of audiences through SEO or PPC or email marketing and shooting them off to the storefront as quickly as possible. Even really huge players in the game don't add much value, and this is where you can stand out from the competition and perhaps even develop your dedicated audience. Try to provide insights that can't be garnered by the end consumer alone, such as hands-on product review videos, custom pictures and images that aren't available elsewhere, and use-cases about how products fit into your daily life. All this is much additional work but will end up with a final product that outshines your competition.

5. Add your bonus. When you sell someone else's product, you can "sweeten the pot" by adding something that only your subscribers will get.

6. Try the product out yourself. So many people think you can just put an affiliate link on your site, say a few things about it, and the money will start rolling in. It takes a fair amount of work upfront to build trust and get good results. Start by experiencing the product for yourself. You're now going to be representing it, so you need to know what benefits it has to your audience.

7. Nurture and maintain credibility. Affiliate marketing involves a long-term strategy, so it's important to have consistency and credibility. Do not sign up for too many affiliate programs. Promoting too many products may cause your audience to doubt your authority.

The demand for consumer attention is highly competitive, so marketers must stay creative to set you above their competitors. Get your inspiration from these affiliate marketing tips and turn your profits from extra income into a significant source of revenue with